Boat Trip Routes

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Can offer boat transfers, boat trips inside the Danube Delta. Boats are designed only for tourism to reach the waters with the smallest depths for an unforgettable exploration of the Danube Delta.

Route No.1 (Letea Forest) – Departure from Murighiol (village marina) – Saint George Arm – Uzlina (Village, Channel, and Lake) – Isac Lake – Litcov Channel – Caraorman – Crisan Channel – Sulina Arm (Crisan Village) – Old Danube Arm – Letea Village.

The duration of the trip from Murighiol to Letea is 2 hours.

Once arrived in Letea, there will be a safari car for rent 20 RON/person inside trip, which will take about two hours. You will see the Letea Village, Letea Forest, and the famous wild horses. Also, you can dine in Letea with prepared meals specific to the area.

Then on the same route back to Murighiol. Estimated time for the full trip is 6 to 7 hours. During the trip you can see a variety of animals and birds, you will pass through narrow channels, where you will see water lilies and lots of greenery.

Route No. 2 (Sulina) – Departure from Murighiol (village marina) – Saint George Arm – Uzlina (Village, Channel, Lake) – Isac Lake – Litcov Lake – Caraorman-Crisan Channel – Sulina Arm (Crisan Village) – Sulina.

The duration of the trip is about 2 hours to arrive in Sulina and 2 hours back.

Once arrived at the destination you can see Sulina Beach, the Old Lighthouse that is arranged inside as a museum, Cemetery with several nationalities, the Tomb of Alexandru Ioan Cuza’s niece and the Sulina’s cliff.
Here you have a choice of restaurants where you can dine.

Route No. 3 (Saint George) – Departure from Murighiol (village marina) – Saint George arm – Saint George Village.
Getting there you can see an old Ukrainian village, besides that you can see the Danube flowing into the Balck Sea and of course the wild beach.
There is also possible to dine, with a variety of dishes specific to the area.

The duration of the trip from Murighiol to Saint George is about 1 hour to go there and 1 hour back and the time that you need to enjoy this location.

Route No. 4 (Biosphere Reserve Danube Delta) – Departure from Murighiol (village marina) – Saint George Arm – Uzlina Village – Uzlina Channel – Uzlina Lake – Durnaleapca Lake – Isaccel Lake – Isac Lake – Uzlina Lake. (4 Lakes)
This route consists of passing through narrow canals, among water lilies and vegetation, you will see a variety of birds and animals. Route duration is 2,5 hours.
But besides these four lakes, you can still visit two more lakes and the duration of the route will increase 3 to 3,5 hours.

Route No. 5 (Perisorul) There you can see one of the wildest beaches of Romania, forgotten by the world, where you will find inner peace, leaving behind technology and civilization.

✓ At your request, we can set up other routes along the entire Danube Delta.

✓ At your request, you make boat transfers throughout Danube Delta and boat transfers at fishing grounds.

✓ For more details, you can contact us at the phone number displayed on the contacts

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